One thought on “Storyboard

  1. I think you should begin with the existing situation that the project responds to, the need to have scaffolding for the regular inspections and most importantly – the situation of scaffolding becoming permanent in response to this. This is a really interesting situation that you uncovered and sets the scene for the project. Spread 2 on the artists should briefly explain their displacement as this is also what you are responding to. Good to be moving between the scales of the individual and collective spaces to the urban scale but also include something at the scale of the detail to show that you have started to think about how the scaffolding will assemble and that from there you are thinking about its flexibility in response to the different spaces and also its capacity for adjustment in response to use. It is fine for this not to be resolved as yet but show that you have been looking at the scaffolding – as a system, structurally, the joints, the materiality, as well as the spatial planning. You already have done some work on this so make sure that you don’t lose sight of that element of the project by looking only at the space and programme. You have shown some nice detail drawings before and made the models looking at joints so include that work.
    Hope MPL went well! Looking forward to seeing what you have on Tuesday – the portfolio format we saw at the start of semester crit looked great so keep going with that.

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