Update for crit list

Sorry for the late update, I took a little break after submission since my eyesight was blurry sometimes on thurs. I draft out a list of drawing that I probably need on cross crit to present my project

-the journey routine

-spaces (theme rooms) located in building

-spatial quality/expression in spaces
(in 3d line drawing?)
(model photos?)

-plan and section with direct sunlight to present the lighting condition

I will have more drawing update latest on Sunday

what I am working on now…

my project is about how light and shadow express inner self emotions in spaces. I want to design a routine as a journey that people can reflect themselves during their visit. The idea was behind a blind walk experience in HK. Dialogue in the Dark set up an exhibition for visitors to experience the blind’s life. Visitors will be guided by the blind and walk through different rooms with daily life scenes. The guide teach them how to use their five scenes beside eye sight to sense the space. For the building in my design, I want the light and shadow act like the tour guide to lead visitors. There will be either silence or the sounds from nature/surrounding since I want visitors to concentrated on their inner voice and walk freely in the building. Also I want the visitors not only experience their feelings but the feeling of the building as a historical sugar factory. Therefore, some rooms should be contain the shadow of the sugar factory. Besides the existing building physical remain, the atmosphere and the scent are also the spirit o the building. To reinforce the feeling/atmosphere I want to create in rooms, I am trying to get some ideas from ‘The eyes of the skin’ and ‘the poetics of space’.  In photography, like the pictures people call “food porn” people look at it and they can immediately think of the taste, the texture and the smell through the color, the light/reflected light, the detail texture of the photo. Or the photography showing material, through the absorbed light and light, we can understand the texture without touching it. How to create a room with a strong sense/emotion? Like Church on the Water by Ando, there are two senses of harmony in the same room depends the glazing slice shut or open, the peace of silence or the space of the nature harmony.

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