Cakeland and more…

For everyone: a different type of museum or display made from CAKE – these interiors put that weird shellac-ed cake in the City Reliquary to shame:

Janie – check out this building in Auroville, Pondicherry – water runs along the walls of the building and there are two crystals embedded within the building where rays from the sun are focused into through a device positioned at the oculus of the building – this disperses light through the main chamber – truly incredible! and (could be interesting for Cat as well because of the weather-based effects)

Cris – Look at these astronomical structures that incorporate stairs into their curved forms to measure time through light:
Also this is a lecture that Georges Rousse did at the AA recently (not sure if I sent this to you already) but in it he uses the circle a lot for his ‘virtual’ (his word for anamorphic) constructions:
And there’s this Richard Galpin project on the High Line that might help inspire you for your third site in terms of framing and manipulating an existing view:

Bert – you should watch the video about the High Line piece and also look at Galpin’s other work with photographs where he peels away layers of a photograph to reveal patterns in the built environment and abstract it. You seem to be doing something similar but with physical space instead of the image: and coincidentally a lot of the base photos he uses are of Times Square!

Jaycee – check out the drawings of Atelier Bow Wow if you haven’t already – your drawings at this week’s tutorials reminded me of theirs and its a good inspiration for drawing the inhabitation of your new cellular spaces: (they should have it in the library)
Also this project looked at if the Hermitage Museum was decentralised across the city of St. Petersburg and the student made interesting scenarios of what that would mean for inhabitants of the city suddenly having a painting on a facade or outside their window – – you need something similar but perhaps more in the style of a Dogma collage?

Salihah – the Lullaby Factory project by Studio Weave that I mentioned in tutorials: – lots of different sound structures in terms of funnels, pipes and speakers – a good precedent to draw up in the portfolio as part of a form-finding exercise?

Inez – this might be useful in terms of looking at the contemporary pilgrimage and shrine:

Elyssa – this is a project that got Honours at the AA last year – it was a completely insane project with an equally crazy machine but the film is really beautiful and the footage of cables and the technological descriptions could be useful in imagining/ describing your server rooms/ city:

Anoovab – Nice taxonomy examples: and and this one:


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