El Barrio

Tall Building Structures

After my discussions with Charles on Tuesday I have been reading about the principles of tall building structures. I shall look into some more studies of the tech behind the surrounding skyscrapers of Billionaire’s Row to follow on.

El Barrio

Draft of a menu for the Burrito Restaurant.

For Tuesday I need to develop some drawings of moments in the building. I was looking at the lobby of the Empire State Building and the way this venerates the architecture of the tower is intriguing, perhaps this is the starting point for the first of these…

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  1. Nice tech page with the analysis of tall buildings and how they are designed/ how this tallness is manifested on the exterior. Make sure to look at examples more similar to the typologies in East Harlem too – brick and concrete vs. steel and glass for contrast and a different type of tallness.
    I like the idea of using the menu to introduce some of the tension between the two places and would like to see you do something similar with the design. Storyboard out a series of views from within the building and also looking out from the building across the park to East Harlem. They could be a mixture of drawing and collage so whatever has texture suddenly becomes the focus? And would also then solve the problem of not finding the right images to align to your perspective since you can just draw it. Look at Madelon Vriesendorp’s amazing paintings in Delirious New York coupled with some of Rem’s provocative images like your reference of the boxers eating oysters – how can you create something similar to show the experience of your project at various stages both from the interior and exterior. Would be good to see these at the cross crits! The work of Dogma that I sent Jaycee previously could be nice to look at as a combination between line drawings and textured images: http://www.dogma.name/slideshow.html- Good luck!

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