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  1. It is hard to see from the text thumbnails what is existing work and what is work to be done and therefore its difficult to advise you on what is achievable for Tuesday.

    Intro and context – Begin by capturing our attention about what you are trying to do and why this is important – start with the Brooklyn Bridge (introduce, a brief history including the presence and loss of the train, the bridge structure – think of what it is useful to know about the bridge to understand your project) and information on the noise levels (so that is bringing up thumbnail 9 to near the beginning)- as we suggested on Tuesday play some of your recordings from the bridge (loudly if that is what you are conveying)!

    Design intention – And then on to your project, a construction to curate the sounds of Manhattan. Help us to understand your intentions by precedents, and how your project differs – what are you achieving that is different to Fontana – is it the difference between replay and amplification vs optimising and selectively capturing sound and its precise transfer to the recipient (your project being the latter)? Explain the Doppler effect and how this is informing what you want to achieve.

    Designing the experience – Show what the Manhattan sounds are that you will curate and what the experiences are that you want to create. In the way that Janie has made a catalogue of the experience of being in each stage of the sugar factory, select maybe 3 sound experiences to be had on the train and draw those. Here you could briefly show your device from semester 1 as part of your research of how sound is manifest visually and spatially, including some drawings from semester 1 if helpful to have a conversation about the current project.

    Designing the device – then you can move on to your investigations on channelling the sound and the train and tube structure including your studies on how sound is made and heard, and how this is informing the funnel structures. Demonstrate here how you are designing for the Doppler effect.

    To make this achievable for Tuesday look over the work you have done so far and identify how it can be used to tell these stages of the project. From this identify gaps where new work needs to be made in addition to drawing the experiences of being on the train and of the curated sound experiences. Also work on some more developed drawings looking at the design of the structure and funnels in reaction to your research and precedents.

    So between now and Tuesday it is about working smart, for the purpose of communicating your design intentions and leading into a useful conversation make sure that you have well produced work to demonstrate these main points in the story of your project. You can have these selected sheets in order and ready to show with supporting work, background and history, and some semester 1 sound drawings also on the table for you to bring out should they help the conversation.

    Good luck and enjoy! Don’t forget to run the conversation to get the feedback you need.

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