Incubator for Manhattan-Museum of Architecture

I have attempted to use the New York World Fair colours and backdrops as the theme for generating some of the views for the forthcoming Crit.

They need a bit more work.  Some of the details I’m not happy with, but as an idea I think they work well, and much more fun.


Overview of Route with border

Sectional Colour Manhattan to Coney with film grain

I have defined the Architectural stages of the route and the views which will relate to them.  I’m not sure that I would have all of the views complete for the Crit to a good enough standard, so I will concentrate on the key  pages/views to tell the narrative and general concept.

Draft Storyboard 10-3-16

The storyboard thumbnails are ‘suggestions’ of what the pages will be.  I have definite ideas of how each page needs to look and the content it should have, which I hope will come together when I work on them.

I would have the New York theme for most views and concepts, some of the views will have inset sections with more architectural perspective or detail of the process, i.e. a view of a view.

Ideally I would like a selection of the framed views to be  physical collage which sit within the physical portfolio, however, this would be carried out at a later stage when the colours and content are finalized.

Looking forward to Tuesday!


One thought on “Incubator for Manhattan-Museum of Architecture

  1. These images are much better and much more in keeping with the project. I think the third image is most effective, as the font seems appropriate to the language of the expo poster or postcard and the views feel contemporary. The view in the first image suggests that your rollercoaster is passing through NY in the early 20th century and rather than being apart of the building an innovation of NY in the present. Try remaking this image but swapping the view of NY to a similar street perspective of contemporary NY, you can adopt the colours from the image you have used here to keep with the language of the poster. Is ‘Museum of Architecture’ right? Be more specific to the project, is it a museum specifically of the process, of the design phases? Or simply ‘Incubator for Manhattan’?
    Image 2: The burgundy and orange dominate and feel a bit heavy for the tone. What are these amorphous masses in relation to your map of Manhattan? Maybe lose them, expand the map and have a look back at the framing of your poster/postcard precedents.

    Presentation: Is 1 the Incubator for Synthesis drawing? Really start off with the fascinating story of Coney Island as a place of innovation and set up the presentation so that everyone is in the story of Coney Island as an incubator of innovation for Manhattan. 2 is then good and 3&4 concept images to help imagine what the project is, maybe 8 would be good up here too. 5 – what is the energy/sustainability concept? In what we have discussed so far this has not been central to the project so don’t let it detract. 6 to 15 – good to explain how each stage is a phase of the rollercoaster, can you offer an overview of this and then work up, as you say, maybe 3 to 4 views attached to 3 to 4 stages? 14 is good and gives a real sense of 1st person view from the rollercoaster, can you introduce some of the colour of the world fair posters into this and then adopt as a coherent language throughout the other images for the stages?

    Remember to present with all the energy and enthusiasm appropriate to the project. Good luck and enjoy!

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