The Five Pillars of the Eternal Parade


I have been working on identifying the 5 shrines for the extended pilgrimage route, and here is the first draft of conditions for each :

  • DEATH // Saint Popeye

First appeared in the 1957 and was one of the first 15 balloons to be introduced in the parade. Perhaps one of the oldest on this pilgrimage route, he died after his second appearance in 1962 due to crosswinds along the parade route. The location of this shrine would be at the Inflation party square, right in front of the Natural History Museum along Central Park West.

Spatial Typology:


  • STATE 1: COMATOSE // Saint Barney

Upon death, Barney was trampled upon and his remains were fossilised. The location of this shrine is embedded within the surface of Central Park West, beneath the cherry tree that Barney always encourage kids to sit by and read (I found this out by researching on this one particular Barney song that always appear in the episodes, most loved song by kids).

Spatial Typology:


  • RESURRECTION // Saint Kermit

Kermit the Frog was found dead, with a blow to his stomach by a lamppost at Columbus Circle in 1985. He was resurrected after 13 years and now is able to live on as a resurrected being. The lamp post became a significant object of commemoration, as the weapon yielded against Kermit.

Spatial Typology:


  • STATE 2: PURGATORY // Saint Spidey

Spiderman was first introduced in 1987 as the loved superhero by Stan Lee. In 2013, Spidey’s left web shooter was not working well and this caused him to lose his left arm whilst swinging along 6th Avenue.

Spatial Typology:


  • ETERNALISM // Holy Snoopy

Snoopy was first introduced in 1968 as the Aviator Snoopy, and ever since had 7 reincarnations, which includes a tribute to Apollo 11. As a defining character in the parade, the shrine for snoopy would be the biggest and most extravagant out of the 5, commemorating his immortality. This will be located on Herald Square, on 34th Street (in front of Macy’s flagship store in NYC).

Spatial Typology:



The initial drawing that I did points out the location of this 5 shrines. I wish to include all these conditions in the drawing and to really start to engage each state with one spatial typology test that I did (the concrete models). Hopefully I would be able to pull together the ideas for the cross crits and present it as a first draft proposal for the architectural design.

P.S. Thanks Manijeh for the ebook on modern pilgrimages, I am reading some parts which are very helpful in describing what secular pilgrimages are like.

One thought on “The Five Pillars of the Eternal Parade

  1. This is great Inez! Its amazing how well those models work with the characters, stories and states of being you have selected – it seems to all be coming together. I like the title of your post and how the overview drawing starts to reinforce the pillar-like quality of the shrines. For the cross-crits it would be nice to make some speculative images of how these interventions would sit at your chosen sites – how would they adapt, appear and be experienced? Are some of them interiorised and others exterior experiences? How do they slot into your calendar? Are there specific saints days or moments where they are activated in a particular order? You don’t need to answer all of these for the cross-crits but its good to start thinking about them. Your course of action sounds good to develop each of the typologies into shrines on site and get feedback on this as a complete design proposal – make sure you gear your presentation to focus on this so you have the conversation you would like to have. Looking forward to seeing where you get to on Tuesday – keep up the good work!

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