update model

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Did some models to play with the form.

Trying get the form confirm and also revised the dimensions based on the Atelier Bow-Wow book that Manijeh introduced. Planning to have:

2 options for single unit,

2 options for family unit,

1 option for shared unit.

Am now arranging it in 3d software and will update possibly by today.


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DOGMA proposal of how a communal live/work studio will work to control the rentals and allows tenants to have ownership of the studio and living space.

One thought on “update model

  1. Nice models – bring them to the cross-crit to show how you have developed the design of the individual units. Good case study as well in terms of understanding the operability of live/ work spaces. Don’t forget about the scaffolding – the cells are great but make sure you show how the system works as a whole with the scaffolding, the units and the existing building. It would be nice to have a few images showing the weird scenarios that arise from this type of living and also good to have a different type of material to discuss the project to complement your drawings and analysis diagrams. Good luck and keep going! Looking forward to seeing it on Tuesday!

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