Thoughts after crit

Just to do a quick review of today’s crit before I forget.

To-do-list for next week:

  • Adjust the levels of the cell in relation to the existing block.
  • Draw more scenes of the cell and communal space.
  • Start thinking of arrangement of family units on existing building blocks.
  • Thinking how the entrance of the scaffolding will look like.


To-do-list over the Easter break:

  • Finalise the first (last year work) issue of newspaper portfolio to print.
  • This will include solving: gentrification issue (why choose artist?)
  • The first issue will stop at the initial vision of proposal which is the collage.

Hopefully after the break, the overall form of the scaffold from ground level to top are done so that I can develop the project to urban scale.

One thought on “Thoughts after crit

  1. Good list! Something that we think is missing from the more recent work is a material investigation. This is fine, just something to start paying attention to in the next stage of the design. Your semester 1 work had a very material component with that great model that you made. Your current drawings are very strong but start to ground them in a reality of the proposal – how could this work structurally? What are the materials? Phil had some good questions about the strength of the existing scaffolding – does it need foundations? Is it tied to the building? Make some drawings (or models!) to understand the existing situation and then though your work with Charles and Colin start to address how the scaffolding could support your cells and other spaces (or how these offer strength to the scaffolding). It would be great to see more engagement with the components and mechanisms of the scaffolding, cells and curtains – and their potential for flexibility – so start to address this. Charles emailed a link to the ebook of the stage machinery book to everyone, this might be one source references.

    Looking forward to seeing some new work on Tuesday!

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