A Few Drawings From Tuesday and Post-Crit Development

Site Geometry
Site Geometry

The Projects
“The Projects”

Taft House Plan Elevations
Taft House, 1695 Madison Avenue

Perspective Towards East Harlem
Perspective From 36 Central Park South Towards East Harlem

Thank you for the feedback on Tuesday. I was really happy with the comments and they’ve given me a lot of confidence moving forwards with where I need to focus my efforts. After discussions with people in the unit and other studios I’m also beginning to have a clearer idea of the drawings I might look to be working towards over the coming weeks. Taking on board the comments about the manner in which I’m presenting my research I have begun working on a taxonomy study of the Projects which I think will help visualise the spatial characteristics of the typology. Will be good to set this against the architecture of the condo buildings and then bring the two together. I think extracting the rooms from the plan of the building in this way will help to deconstruct the layout and configure new arrangements on site. Will be looking to include access and circulation in addition to the beginnings shown below.
Taft House Taxonomy Screenshot

[The stairs are alive and well, they are just having a little rest at the moment…]

One thought on “A Few Drawings From Tuesday and Post-Crit Development

  1. This sounds like a promising start and I like the idea of developing a taxonomy of the Projects to help construct the language or toolkit for your intervention at Central Park South. I also think that simultaneously you should be working on a few views of common spaces within each tower: the entrance sequence or series of thresholds, the circulation (the stair can finally appear vs. the elevator) or the view (corner and private, vs. central and collective) Showing each of these are binaries and then how they can be fused will be a quick way into the project – perhaps have some quick studies of this for Tuesday along with the taxonomy in progress?
    Dont let the taxonomy take too long because its just a means towards designing the proposal, which it would be good to see a beginning of before Easter. Looking forward to seeing how it develops!

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