Witam z Warszawy!

Hello from Warsaw! (That’s what the title says)

I have been thinking about my project and how I can push the ideas that I have further; I have made a list of the things that I need to address:

  • Life, death and eternity as material conditions. How will this be manifested?
  • How should these be designed within the city?
  • What is the critical position on the parade and Macy’s
  • What does the parade mean in all of this?

I like the discussion I had with Danielle and Igea about the project and I do think some of the comments given are interesting. The project has already been highlighting capitalism to some degree but I think there is a lot more to Macy’s that I could bring forth in the project (I really need to work on compiling the evidences); I like the comment Igea made about America constantly trying to be young by self ingesting, and also the inquiry about America’s relationship with plastic objects. I think this could be the idea that ties everything back into one solid design argument; Macy’s as the immortality purveyor, the balloons as gifts to the city and the impending doom of New Yorks’ timely death with these accumulated plastic objects. The narrative seems to be unfolding even more within the existing premise of the project.

Maybe the shrines could highlight the wider narrative of the project (who is the shrine for, what people will learn in each shrine, how will the shrine perform etc) but still keep the spatial typology to its plastic roots (balloon systems, plastic encapsulation etc). These are some initial thoughts I had post crit. I will look into all these and bring up for discussion on Tuesday if there is any.

On another note, Elyssa and I visited the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw and they are running an exhibition called Bread and Roses. This exhibition formulates a question about the way artists define their status and position in the realm of an ever-widening economic gap; the possibility to reconcile dreams of social justice with the need of artistic freedom and autonomy. This exhibition shows the tension between the symbolic and financial elites and those who are excluded from the so-called “establishment” – between those adjusted to capitalism and those who feel used and humiliated. Obviously this is done in the Polish context but it made me think about my project and the way I can address the same ideas. Here are some photos on the artworks that I thought were relevant to my project:

image image







Till then x

One thought on “Witam z Warszawy!

  1. Ho would these ideas translate the your U.S. context? A country that has only known capitalism as opposed to Poland when an alternative way is still within living memory? How do you identify an ‘other’, an outside, how can you begin to identify or describe those who feel failed, or kick back? This will need some careful thinking so as not to make generalisations or merely adopt popular discourses – the group that articulate for a larger whole are often not necessarily representative of that whole – they are the ones who have found ways to articulate.

    Your list of things to address is good and as you touch on, establishing the programme and experience of these shrines is the important next step. Identify a cross section of users to help conceptualise this. What does Macy’s message mean to them and what function therefore do the shrines have in their understanding of youth, mortality, wealth, abundance, waste, etc?

    It sounds like you are having an inspiring trip! Enjoy and looking forward to seeing your work on addressing the programme and experience for Tuesday!

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