8 Weeks To Go

The sickness got to me after the crits, so sorry for the late blog. I appreciate the feedback, although I’m not sure how to progress in some areas (not that I don’t want to, just confused!) so could use a bit of guidance.

The questions about my scheme being an intervention have concerned me. I had worried about going down this route because it didn’t feel like I’d be completing a ‘proper’ scheme, but I thought I’d got past this with the introduction of the landscape. Also questions of how the scheme is actually relevant to GCT worry me, as pretty much every decision about the scheme came from a narrative within GCT and I had formed the landscape based on this specific place – but this isn’t coming through? Or isn’t adequate as a basis for my scheme? Any expansion on these points would be really appreciated.

Before Tuesday I will be looking at the city wide impact again, and continuing work on the first drawing I did for this. I’m going to figure out the next round of material experiments as I’m not sure the best way to test them. Also sorting out everything I will be doing over Easter and putting that story board together.


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  1. It seems from the title and content of your post that you are starting to panic about the project and I don’t think that’s going to be useful especially because your project is on the right track but from the presentation it was hard to understand why it needed to be in Grand Central – all you have to do is make it more apparent why the cloud is site specific – maybe do a drawing of all the forces within the station that have shaped the cloud. At the moment it is just an installation but tying it more closely into the station by looking at what triggers the cloud and how the effects of the cloud cause different or new types of pauses within the station will transform it into architecture. Looking at how the cloud relates to the city will also give it more specificity and grounding, and its a nice analogy to the role of the station as a port or threshold in the city and the role it plays both in terms of the pause and the effects created by the cloud.
    I think the best thing to start with is the drawing mentioned about to explain why the cloud is placed the way it is within the station, what about its location specifies its shape, design etc – doing the drawing will also help you refine the design.
    Then do the drawing we’ve been asking you to do about tying the cloud into the timetable of the station, i.e. what triggers it to change, move, create effects/ pauses?
    And then start doing a drawing that looks at how the cloud is a microcosm or has some relationship to the wider city
    Perhaps have drafts of these three drawings in progress for us to discuss on Tuesday?
    Also look at the Philippe Rahm project and see what inspiration you can gain from there in terms of using climate to change behaviour patterns, which is totally on point for your project.
    In short, there is no need to panic – you’ve come such a long way since last Semester and done some really nice drawings to push the project – you just need to continue with this and perhaps while doing the storyboard think about what else you need to do to better communicate the project – material tests, models, filmed effects etc.
    Looking forward to seeing it all on Tuesday – and hope you are feeling better!

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