Cross crit reflection


  • Thank you for the feedback, it was very clear and useful. I always find it difficult to reflect on feedback especially when I agree with the feedback. But because Phil had an engineering background, I felt my crit conversation become more technology, especially about the structure and the materiality rather the design side of the project. Below it is a small list of what I think is missing so far.


  • I do have some references from semester one, like ┬áthe acoustic mirrors and acoustic stages.
  • I need to do work on references about public rooms and interventions for public use.
  • Structure and materiality ( during design progress)

The site

  • Explore the architectural quality within the building context and the public square.

The proposal – stuff I need to consider during of the designing process, besides the design concept

  • How will visitors to U.SQ understand, read the history?
  • What will the acoustic stage as object add to the si

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