Reflect on crit

Thank you for the comments on the crit on Tuesday. Those comments are useful and they did pointed out the weakness of the project. I think I was a bit lost after the last crit, after the urban farm idea to the light and shadow idea. Igea pointed out that spaces with only light and shadow may not attract people to stay or function as I want them to be and I was trying to avoid that when I was first started it. It may be a bit late but perhaps I need to find out the set out of the building like the target group of people and the function. When I first started the light and shadow experience journey, I was thinking that would be a place for people to experience the emotions of the people who suffering from mood disorder and there would be counselling support. But I wasn’t so sure about that since I understand the spaces I design may not bring out the exact feeling to every visitor. And for the context of the building, since last 2 weeks I was trying to insert some history of the factory itself in the building. I thought about so many varieties of the building can be, like bring in different narrative stories in different spaces ( I did think of making a water fall with the steel walk behind which make it like syrup fall and the idea was from chocolate river, I also thought of making a bridge space complete white and rough texture like people trapped in a crystal sugar place with a tiny light pillar, idea from Exodus). But end up I thought these were pretty childish and I felt like those would make the building like a playground, also it seems not related to light and shadow theme.

Photo Mar 18, 13 24 39

I drew this last 2 weeks when I found one of the video I post last week, people went into the old tanks and played with the echo, so I thought it would be fun if there was a space connected with tanks for people to walk through, and the light would come from the above connected to light pipes (the lowline green color like light pipes) and link back to the image below.14

Photo Mar 18, 13 30 55

rough crystal sugar space with light pillar

I think I really need to clear my mind and work with a target (a program for the building), I will keep on develop the spaces and think about that at the same time, I am unsure what it will be at this moment.

And I have a reference for my portfolio,

I really like the layout, especially how the photos lay on top of others like layers, I think that is close to my theme?


In this easter break,

-finish the laser cut existing model

-find out the program of building

-comes out with all spaces

-work on portfolio, try to do the above reference

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