Dirt, Mapping, Taxonomy… Cloud?

Before we get to the main event, I have done another drawing showing the relationship between the tourist and utilitarian areas of GCT and revised this spread:

Landmarks and Dirt


I went back and revised an earlier drawing to include to contribute to my analysis covering all three areas (waiting room, bridge, concourse) more comprehensively (awaiting annotations):

Mapping journies through GCT


So that brings us to my first attempt at a taxonomy of pauses:

Taxonomy Draft 001



With the exception of the outside ring, the blank sections are awaiting images that require my final design of the cloud to illustrate so have descriptions of the event at the moment. I am undecided if the outer ring will be images as the subject matter is something I’m really struggling to envisage drawing. I am considering expanding the sentences briefly for each one.


Finally, I am attempting to make a cloud tomorrow. Fingers crossed I have something interesting to show on Tuesday!

One thought on “Dirt, Mapping, Taxonomy… Cloud?

  1. The spread looks good. The top sketch is nice and the sketch of the grime environment is intriguing. This sketch has some really nice qualities and is successful in communicating an environment read as a realm of matter principally. But I wonder if in not defining the architectural properties of that part of the station it could be read as your own cloud intervention. This might depend on the sequencing of the portfolio or might require some very fine linework providing more information on the existing architecture of that part of the station. Lets see how it reads in the context of the rest. I would look again at the labelling, at present it looks like the bisecting line divides the areas as tourists/station area and commuters/track area. What are you trying to locate with these labels?

    The follow the leader drawing is very nice too but would benefit from some annotations to show us what is being analysed and revealed.

    Great to see that you have started on the taxonomy, the project has been waiting a while for this! The resultant pauses in the outer ring should be drawn (including your annotations provided at the moment). A strategy might be to think of each resultant pause frozen to a series of ‘stills’ or moments, maybe 3 per resultant pause and therefore subtly showing the passage of the pause. Expanding on the wheel format, these diagrams of Mayan calendar cog-type formats might be interesting to look at. Like a cam system the smaller rotation represents a ‘quicker’ or shorter passage in relation to the larger cog that it moves which would represent a much longer slower passage. http://www.doaks.org/library-archives/library/library-exhibitions/the-ancient-future-mesoamerican-and-andean-timekeeping/maya

    I think I am unclear on the micro/pause/historical connotations. Is this related to the smoke/ceiling story? If so how are you connecting pause/noticing/that particular narrative.

    Good work and looking forward to seeing more on the design of the cloud, really start to focus on the design of this and its mechanisms.

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