Drawing the Plastic Pilgrimage I

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I’ve started to draw the shrines and to start putting them into context (first shrine located on W 81st St and Central Park West). The two draft images above show the first shrine, Popeye’s Spinach Garden (name subject to change). Taking the spatial typology from the model that I did, I thought of the ditch as a can of spinach that Popeye heavily relies on. By having a push of the can tab, that will release a shot of helium into the secretly kept inflatable-spinach-in-the-can so to speak. I figured, this will inflate and deflate instantaneously (a quick flash of spinach power) to imitate the first ritual in a Shinto shrine whereby the temple priest would wave an onusa (a wooden wand with paper streamers hanging off the end) from right to left to purify the person or object that is being dedicated. In this manner, I am imagining that the person begins the pilgrimage by pushing on the tab, releasing this wave of instantaneous spinach inflation as an act of passing the first gateway of this arduous journey.



Hope to have all of the initial drawings up by Tuesday, and some tech ideas too.

One thought on “Drawing the Plastic Pilgrimage I

  1. Good start. I think it would be beneficial to show the Popeye shrine in different stages of inflation and deflation and to work through what kind of resting form you want it to deflate to and how you can control this. There is a tech investigation here which could become a principal to inform other shrines.

    Keep going and think about what the opportunities are that can be approached in scaling up each of the concrete/plastic experiments – thinking about habitation, change, structure, material…. It might be that you hit on some great architectural possibilities and then the narrative of the shrine follows in some cases. Don’t be afraid to work this way around, it could be quite productive.

    Looking forward to seeing the drawings for the rest of the shrines!

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