floor plan week

floor plan update:

I have arranged the cell units following the existing window facade’s grid to ensure the proposed adaptable corridor (extendable table) can be executed. Currently arranging the column grid to be kept within 3500mm (after consulting Collin). Communal workspace (curtain element) will be added once the grid is confirmed (I believe once the grid is confirmed all other elements will come into place pretty quick). I’m planning to reserve the heavy duty workshops at the lower levels.



Adaptable corridor:

Besides the extendable table, I’ve been thinking how to use the scaffold as part of the exhibition and I was inspired by this image below. I was thinking of boxes that can be taken out and installing it back. At the same time the existing building users can open the box to experience it. I’ll try my best to create another step-by-step manual like I’ve shown this week for the coming tutorial as my main priority this week is to finish up all necessary floor plans.


really quick sketch after inspired by image above.

new doc 10_1


One thought on “floor plan week

  1. The drawing of the grid is really coming along – I like how you can now clearly tell what is scaffolding and what is the existing building and where the two overlap – the architectural language of your project is really clear and strong. I agree that as soon as you figure out the grid, the rest of the project will fall into place, and am looking forward to seeing this drawing completed and annotated. The contrast between the living spaces, communal spaces and heavy workshop spaces sounds intriguing and it would be great to explore these in a section similar to the one you showed us this week – somehow it would be nice to animate these sections to show how the table unfolds to attach to the existing building or how the boxes of the exhibition space can be removed or opened depending on which side of the wall you are on – I think that level of engagement could elevate the portfolio by helping the reader really understand this as a dynamic new type of inhabitable space. This is an interesting example: https://vimeo.com/141590561 but yours could just be the existing drawn section with a moveable part to show us how it unfolds and attaches across? just a thought. Looking forward to seeing how the exhibition space develops for Tuesday.

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