Ornaments of the Uncanny

Working up some explanatory drawing into the facade ornamentation, including a couple of new ideas for a Steve Witkoff gargoyle/rainwater outlet and Rolls Royce wheel detail:

Ornaments of the Uncanny 01

Ornaments of the Uncanny 02

Began looking at the way the structure of the concrete core might meet the steel diagrid bracing at the corners of the tower and as I was doing this got sidetracked drawing up this idea for a scenic lift/personal vault hybrid:

AutoCAD Screen Shot Lifts

Lift Iso

One thought on “Ornaments of the Uncanny

  1. It is good that you have started to explain the translation of the details but explain the provenance more so that we can understand how they express the particular relationship that you are setting up between your two sites. At present it seems that the CPS site is canibalising itself (and its context/world) in the creation of its details, is the intention not to create these through more of a hybridizing of the two sites? This could be clearer, I do not read the relative poverty of Taft House or how this is disrupting the luxury scheme.

    It would be a real under-realisation of the potential of your project if your design thesis were pursued through dispersed details alone. I don’t think this is your intention so really put some focus into designing 4 moments of translation that we talked about on Tuesday and how these create the hybridized tower as a whole. You should not have less than the four designed translations to present on Tuesday.

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