Re-Labelling The Pause

Since Tuesday I have been focused on sorting out my structure. I finished the bridge:

Bridge Component

I have also been doing a structural model as the way to introduce my details and to give quite a tangible view of the constellation (the final image will be an axonometric and feature the cloud though). It’s currently got the bridges, and next is the constellation parts:

Structure Model - Bridges


Finished off editing the videos of the cloud experiments, and then I’ve been thinking about how to re-organise my portfolio so that it clearly introduces my project. I’m considering having one of the issues on ‘Growth’ (i.e. the mesh, the concept model, the clouds) but I haven’t fully figured out how else to categorise all of the aspects of the project. There will be one on Grand Central as maybe the ‘Location’ / ‘Setting’ (although the content is actually about the act of pausing so I’m not sure about that), and another on the ‘Facilitator’ which was the theme introduced originally by the bench. And I haven’t got further than that! [Edit: another issue called ‘Taxonomy’ – or some better title – which involves the actual creation of the pauses] Also can’t decide on having one issue dedicated purely to final images and views, or if everything should be mixed in with the prep work?

These are the drafts for the drawings suggested for the smoke and cloud experiments, which will be done in CAD:



One thought on “Re-Labelling The Pause

  1. Good development of the structural system – looking forward to seeing the final axonometric drawing with the cloud overlaid. I really like how technical DS+R’s drawings are of the Blur Building: and how that contrasts with the image of the cloud where all that structure and technology just disappears: – they also have some nice images of inhabiting the cloud, which could be nice when thinking about your final images of what it’s like to be in this space looking down at the station through a mist/ mesh/ cloudscape:
    In terms of the issues – I think it would be nice to emphasise different themes in each issue since its a collection of magazines and not just group things according to chronology, format or location.
    Issue 1 should be an introduction to pause which doesn’t have to be the walk in London but rather could be your taxonomy of pauses in Grand Central and how they have changed over time
    Issue 2 could be how the pause is expressed materially, combining your recent experiments with smoke and mist with your earlier bench studies with wood etc – maybe this could be split into two parts – looking at solid vs. dispersed expressions of the pause?
    Issue 3 could address the dispersal and catalyst of the pause – i.e. how the system works – the structure, the triggers within the station, the different timelines of reactions within a day vs. within several months-a year?
    Then it would be interesting to create an issue looking at inhabiting the pause that takes us within the structure but also highlights interesting details within the station, and perhaps in the city that we wouldn’t otherwise see if we didn’t have this vantage point.
    In each issue, there should be a type of spread that deals with precedent projects like this one: or Blur, or the Weather Project or some of the others you have looked at, so that we understand how your project builds into a larger ideological context.
    Finally, it would be good to think about how you present the magazines as a collection – are they packaged together with a letter from the editor explaining how to read them as a portfolio? Do they have a meta-table of contents to navigate through them all and show which pages are technology, design, precedents, experiments etc.
    Although this seems like a lot of work, its a sign of how much the project has developed that we can now start discussing how to format, package and submit the portfolio – just some ideas to get you thinking about it.
    I also saw this on instagram recently: a drawing by a Columbia student on scales of environment – I think it could be interesting for you to do a similar final section for the project to show your cloudscape environment nested within Grand Central which in turn is nested within Manhattan – as a drawing it could be a great way to solve how the project relates to the city as a whole but will also drive how the macrocosm/ microcosm relationship between the cloudscape, Grand Central and Manhattan.
    Looking forward to see how all of this develops for the portfolio review on Tuesday!

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