In Progress

I am still working on the section, but as suggested i have highlighted the areas that i will be aiming to model up. Im thinking a section of every element that is part of the proposal, so the stadium bits, then the ‘follies'( i need to find a better word for this).


The section will change, i am reworking it to make it more clearer and will be backed up by a completed taxonomy.

I have been trying to sort out the circulation for the entire site.

For tuesday, along with all that is required i will be test printing out one or maybe two sketches of being within the different spaces, in full size as Jessica suggested in the cross crit.

Most of the drawings will be printed in full size.

For the paper, i was looking at 160gsm, not the stark white one, but rather the sort of off whitish ones. But Marcello doesnt print on the sheets anymore. He used to before as long as we bought our own paper, so if you knew a place i could possibly print as ive searched in Oxford and around but failed to find any.

I will be detailing up everything from a technology standpoint as well.



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  1. Really looking forward to seeing these models! Use them as an opportunity to express something about the costruction or intersection of your structures – and think of the qualities we discussed on Tuesday and the opportunity for expressing these where the drawing might not such as materiality, hard against soft, new against old, precsion against the more informally crafted, etc.

    I came across this project this week It is a landscape park in Gernany constructed from a disused industrial site and expresses some interesting positions about the site’s past. It might be interesting to look at and might help with thinking about the circulation.

    It seems that printing has come up as an issue for a couple of people. I can’t comment on Oxford but we will aim to give you all some places in London that you could use if nothing comes up nearby. For Tuesday you could tape smaller sheets together if you do not have any success.

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