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I tried on 3D form for the sound spaces but took too long. So I decided to progress it from section drawing first (for first trial) in order to see the flow between spaces. The indicated texture on the drawing is what preferred for the project. Spray concrete and carbon fibre for funnel (suggested). Last Tuesday, I only explained the main sound space hanging next to bridge but didn’t explain the smaller spaces that connected from the main space as well. These smaller spaces are the kind of spaces that I wanted the user to experience the sound within their own individual spaces (to enjoy the scenery and at the same time feeling unaware of actually being on brooklyn bridge but dont seem to be on it, while listening to maybe familiar but unrecognised sound) These spaces can have different sizes to accommodate different number of visitors.¬†These spaces are somehow can filter the main, loudest sound that come from the funnels from the main space and can experience that by walking from on space to another (big, small, smaller) Somehow, listening to the noise for few hours with reverberation in that spaces can lead to some uneasiness to the listeners but I dont think the users will stay there that long. Hence, with the chosen sound element from the bridge and the sound of the water are chosen carefully (as well as the length of the funnel and size of the space). I understand that the access route are to be designed properly and also the funnel. (I got so much to do on the detailing part)


It’s unfinished drawing, will update more on the funnels and spaces. Hopefully on 3D and detailed section drawing. Currently I’m taking a bit of time on only 1 sound space. I’m still thinking if I have the time to do another sound space. I would really appreciate suggestions ¬†which you think is best to do at this point. Or I can focus only on this one and make it more detailed to portray the project idea. A different diagram will follow to explain how the sound travels inside the spaces.




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  1. I think you need to draw an additional layer of sound onto the drawing so we understand that the space is performative. Not sure how the smaller spaces are connected or suspended – would be good to show it in relationship to a more detailed drawing of the bridge so we understand how it relates to it in terms of scale, structure, sound, proximity etc. Perhaps dimensions would also help us understand the size of your structure? I like how the drawing starts to introduce materiality which gives the project a lot more personality – how are you expecting to convey sound within the portfolio? Will you have recordings that play like Fontana did? We really need to start seeing some pages on hearing as far as you can see, and how your spaces are shaped by views and the sounds being collected. If your two proposed spaces together can be understood as a museum of Brooklyn Bridge how are you explaining this in the portfolio through the drawings and documents within? Is it possible to have the museum with just one structure or do you need the two since they each produce different sounds and sights of the bridge. Perhaps you design both and only develop one in detail – I think its important to start thinking of what you need to have by the end of the year to explain this project in order to have a clear and coherent list of what to work towards. Otherwise you will be in danger of running out of time and you really need to maximise your production for the next few weeks. Trying to develop some structural details of how these spaces will be supported for tutorials with Colin on Tuesday and really focus on a detailed storyboard/ to do list as well as a draft portfolio of all your material to date so that we can help you determine what you can use from earlier iterations of the project and what new material still needs to be created. Good luck and keep going!
    These sound spaces reminded me of your project – both in how they work as a notation like your language developed in Semester 1 and also how they translate into a spatial experience constructed through certain devices and sounds:
    Look at how sound is drawn as an architectural element in his drawings/ images and think about how you translate this into your project.

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