window gallery: windows of the scaffolding can be taken down and be replaced with artist’s artworks. the glass box can be open by the existing residents allowing interaction/conversation among both sides of the residents. This also makes the facade of the scaffolding constantly changing.

I will be doing a┬ástep-bystep manual of the curtain system. I’m currently constructing the 3d model┬ábased on the floor plan I’ve shown on Tuesday.


I’m currently having difficulty finding a printing shop that can print A2 size using the paper that I’ve shown you on Tuesday, I’ve contacted many printing shops in London and have talked to Marcello but theres no solution to it. If there is any recommendation do let know.

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  1. Great drawings. How will we understand the possibilities that you describe in the text? Have a next stage in this sequence to show the artwork or other object in situ. A practical questio that arises is – in these flexible yet compact spaces – where does the removed window get put?! I like the glass boxes or vitrines, these feel most believable as they can hold work but do not require the removal and storage of the window. It might be just a case of adding a stored or stacked window to one of your interior scenes to keep this believable.

    The manual layout is great and looking forward to seeing the one for the curtain system.

    I am surprised that the printing is proving problematic. Is the issue with idenifying the paper? If you find a suitable A2 paper will Marcello be able to print on it? Search online for A2 paper that is ‘off white’ in a low gsm, this should have a quality similar to the newsprint. You can buy A2 newsprint here
    but maybe 65 gsm is too lightweight for the printer? Ask Marcello exactly what the limitations are and then you should be able to source an appropriate paper

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