Week 11 : Emotive Reality (progress)

Hey all,

Per the discussion we had on tuesday, ive prepared some sort of a work schedule to comply until the submission. Most of the portfolio contents are sort of finalised but the diagrams are still to be revised. For next week, im going to test print some of the early pages of the portfolio as well as the general storyboard and other finalised drawings.

gantt chart

as for the tech part of the project, charles and me have found some interesting precedents that can be adapted to the project.

The Three-Segment Folding Bridge, Kiel, Germany


The Folding Bridge , Paddington, London


The Dynamic ShapeShifting Helix Bridge



I’ll print this time. thanks.!





2 thoughts on “Week 11 : Emotive Reality (progress)

  1. A good list of things to do and nice to have a time frame for each – I like the precedents for the bridges and how the platform could move and think you should draw them up ASAP to understand how they work and how these details could be adapted to your design – not sure how the third bridge relates to your project other than its use of coloured light but the other two seem to be able to create forms in the way you need them as generated/ translated through emotion. This is another interesting bridge by Olafur Eliasson that uses circles and references to ships in its design but moves horizontally to open up for water traffic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=33&v=OyFVPDkKTJs
    You should work on developing the taxonomy of forms developed by emotion (replace the organic forms with more regular configurations) so that this can be understood in the portfolio review on Tuesday. Would be good to also see Times Square being transformed from above and below the platform on the occasion of a specific event – maybe the presidential election could be topical? Or else one of the existing events you have listed: September 11, 4 July, etc. It would good to see how all the elements of TS: the billboards, paving, ceiling, topography of the platform and crowds – communicate as one to inform what the city is feeling about this event/ day/ time/ place. Looking forward to seeing what you produce!
    I also found this article by Alvaro Siza on the importance of emotion in architecture – maybe you can find a good quote from here? http://www.dezeen.com/2014/12/19/alvaro-siza-interview-porto-serralves-museum/ and a really nice essay by Peter St John (of Caruso St John) on the emotional character of buildings: http://www.carusostjohn.com/text/towards-an-architecture-of-emotions/ – hope they help!

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