The Roof informs the City

Since Tuesday I have been working on a number of elements simultaneolusly.


I have mainly been focussing on the design of the rest of the SE, re-drawing the roofscape for tech and for final images, and trying to sort out the order of my portfolio.



I have been struggling with the overall design of the SE and have tried to make it less blocky and more inviting, and this is still something I am working through. I have also figured out some design elements that I want to incorporate, it’s just figuring out how these fit into the design.

I decided that the walkway would tell a story of my project and include landscaped elements that do this (more similar to the highline). The walkway splits around 2/3 of the way down towards the SE which represents the stock market crashing. People can then choose to take the higher or lower level walkway to the building, but the lower level can only be taken at low tide and takes you on a journey through the piers so you can interact directly with them.

SE design


Still incorporating the perforated metal cladding on areas of the building, mainly to the south for light quality, Ive changed the dotted effect to one that incorporates slim sections that when combined create a speed perspective with the light, similar to my speed of data drawings, which I think creates a really nice, interesting space for the public, which leads through the building to the river. (excuse the very quick photoshop collage quality)

Light tunnel



Before Tuesday’s tutorial I am hoping to format some of the pages from my portfolio based on the comments made at the review. I a,m also going to decide how each section will be printed taking into account heirarchy, paper etc.

These are just my ideas scribbled down so far;

IMG_2059 IMG_2060 IMG_2061 IMG_2062

I’m just going to carry on working through this in sections and work out how I want everything to be.


Final Images

After all my technology progression and design of the moving elements that make up the roofscape, I have almost completed creating the roofscape in 3D AutoCAD, which has taken quite a while, but is a key aspect in the design. This will make up the main element for 3 of my final images; Roof at the end of day with people interacting with it, Roof with positive stock trading which reflects the skyline, and the roof with negative stock trading that also reflects the skyline. I will also create another image that shows how the roof changes throughout the day and will go along side the circular timeline of a day at the new NYSE. My computer is struggling to cope with the file size of the roof in 3D CAD, so have not yet managed to start these drawings, but will bring them on tuesday.

Roofscape 1


Roofscape changes through day

I want to show how the roofscape changes through the day to lead to the playground roofscape image. I want to print this on a series of tracing paper, hense the greyscale, so you can flick through time to see the changes, but I also like it on a long strip like this, so am yet to decide which format I will use. I will also add times to show at what time of day it is and in addition will create a circular version showing the entire day at the stock exchange. excuse the poor quality for uploading purposes!

Roofscape through day

Roofscape through day



One thought on “The Roof informs the City

  1. I like the consideration of the walkway. But what do the higher and lower route options signify in relation to your marking of the crash? What does these different experiences say about our encounter with the stock exchange now? Does one route signify recovery and prosperity, the other a warning of the volatility of the market and potential ruin? This is a good opportunity to situate a position, or to ask those encountering the building to consider theirs. Provide a view to show what the approach and experience is like for each walkway so we understand these differing encounters, where the low walkway takes us to degraded piers or a literal sinking, what does the high walkway lead to as the opposite encounter? The section drawing of the walkway would really benefit from showing some materiality – those piers are so materially rich – and it would help to bring us into the experience and animate the drawing.

    The linear slits in the cladding are nice and I like that the solid vertical qualities of the servers and roofscape are created with natural light – this feels like a nice move between tangible and intagible, referencing the building vs the digital. But that is my reading! You say that this detail references the speed perspectives. These are understood through your portfolio but how do we read perspective as speed when we encounter the building?

    For the portfolio arrangement, I think we had a good discussion on Tuesday to work this out. So work to that and see how it falls into place. And as you say you will be doing, consider the papers used and as we suggested on Tuesday varying these to perhaps use graph paper of a lighter weight for data pages.

    The roofscape images are looking good, it will be really important to show these in context – of the building, the city skyline, – will you have a back layer for context below the trace? Will it show through? Have this this to show on Tuesday and then we can see if it reads as you intend. As we discussed, think about the city context in which you show negative stock and positive. Do you show an ‘up’ roofscape in the context of a prospering cityscape indicated by cranes on the skyline, and ‘down’ stock in a dilapidated or stalled city context?
    Looking forward to seeing all this detail on Tuesday. And don’t forget the overview image that will act as your table of contents, have at least a draft that we can discuss.

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