material section



How it will look in portfolio:


Been updating the section and considering whether to have the material texture inserted to it. Personally I prefer only line drawings, looks cleaner. What’s your opinion?


will be using the same technique to be applied to the overall section to show floor-to-ceiling detail (don’t know if showing this will be┬áredundant for portfolio)


One thought on “material section

  1. These look great! I think it is important to keep the materiality in. It makes the solidity of the building vs the relative lightness of the scaffolding read really clearly. To have the zoom-ins showing the materiality and then the larger overview in line does work nicely but ideally I would like to see the the materiality on the larger drawing too, it could look really awesome with it. What size do you intend the overall section to be? Try putting in the materiality and then print it to see if it reads clearly. Really nice work, looking forward to seeing it come together on Tuesday.

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