My two brief and direct questions (!):


  1. This is the current state of my microcosm drawing, please can you suggest changes? Also I’m not sure it needs to be printed at A1, rather A2 or just a double page spread in the magazine?

2. This is the current state of my project statement, please can you suggest changes?

“Stemming from considerations of time and experience, I have been interrogating the issue of Pause. The prevalence of a ‘perceived’ and an ‘actual’ pause emerged, which are embodied within architecture through the widespread practice of designing as if spaces and cities will never change. Through a design research process across five issues, culminating in a crafted environment, I have attempted to quantify Pause and change at an architectural scale through the microcosm of Grand Central Terminal in New York.”

[Creative inspiration sourced from Danielle’s comment last week…. I couldn’t succinctly explain each magazine so I didn’t]


Thanks very much!


(P.S. It doesn’t actually seem as if final tutorials have even happened yet or that there is only a week to go!)

One thought on “Pause

  1. The microcosm drawing is coming along – I like the line work in the background but the station itself still looks too murky and apocalyptic – can it be drawn in the same style as the background but with the Cloudscape within it? That way the cloud/ the project draws our attention rather than the existing building. It’s also somehow not clear that the black underground maps are below street level – perhaps show a cutaway section line or something to suggest how the connect to the station and take the smoke generated by the cloud out into the city?
    As for the text, its more succinct but needs to be more powerful and stronger – at the moment it is too generic and doesn’t explain the pause properly or its importance within architecture. I think you want to start by defining the pause within our everyday lives, talking about our frantic pace that is only interrupted by momentary pauses. Then zoom into Grand Central and discuss your site as a hub or microcosm of Manhattan, what does the pause mean within the station? Maybe here, in one sentence you can explain the physical manifestation of the pause as layers of smoke on the ceiling of the grand hall, a physical trace of the time spent by smokers who were waiting for a train. After that you can talk about the cloudscape, which takes inspiration from the accumulation of smoke on the ceiling, and finds new ways to manifest the pause in the present and make it tangible. How does your project change how we move through the station, how is it triggered and why is the pause important architecturally? This is where you could discuss the types of pause – material, structural, local, global etc. (as taken from your pause taxonomy) which would be a good transition to discuss the magazine format of the portfolio and how that manifests the pause as an object that you would pass the time with… designed and paced to be read and understood at different speeds. You want this to really set the tone for your project and its different facets – it needs to draw people in, and touch upon the most important aspects of the project – think of it as the introductory paragraph to an essay – you need to talk about your thesis, hint at the conclusion and set up the structure of the rest of the text ahead – its the same for this – the text will define your project and how to read your portfolio.
    I know we said it should be quite brief, but the most important thing is that it sets the tone for the project and sets up the argument you are going to then elaborate on within the portfolio. Last week, Inez wrote an introduction to her project which was three paragraphs but quite effective in setting up her argument and bringing together the many strands of the project: – obviously yours is a very different project but think about how you want to introduce the different strands of your project in this initial text. Try and listen back to your recordings to see how you presented your project at various crits – you always very clearly articulated the pause and the project in the first few sentences – it could be a good way to start rewriting the intro. Good luck! Looking forward to seeing how both the drawing and the text develop, as well as the overall portfolio! We can’t believe its already the end of the year either – where did all the time go?

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