The Stock Exchange’s Closing Bell

I have mainly been working on views since Tuesday and trying to work out what I would like (and have time!) to do for the final portoflio.


The roofscape drawing has lots more people and thing happening on it, which I hope gives a sense of its playground nature;

Playground Roofscape


I have gone back to my line drawing of the Server City and edited it, and added colour. Ive also created a mini city in the centre, not sure about the money/transfer lines on the tops, so any comments on this drawing would be appreciated! (Also not sure about the blue, but wanted to try and show that blue computer light that pcs and servers use) also not sure if its too crisp and clear in the lines, and whether I should try and make it more abstract? I havent added any shadows to keep the inside server room more clinical/controlled etc.

Server City 4

The walkway section will be accompanied by a plan of the walkway with some small notes about the idea and also hopefully a view of the building from the high walkway and one from the low. I’m also wanting to add the elevation of the proposal in the background of this drawing to put it in perspective/location.

Walkway section 2

My paper also arrived today so I am working out what I want on each type of paper. I have some new graph paper, and its blue which does keep with the overall colour theme of my portfolio but not sure if its still a bit too bright? Although it is a lot nicer than the green.

image1 IMG_2089


Other drawings I am wanting to include are:

  • Roof positive/negative
  • server wallpaper (internal view from bell room/ampitheatre)
  • Section through building showing public/private space
  • Rendered views of building on pier


Are we still able to blog on Tuesday or is that too late? For any final questions/queries?



One thought on “The Stock Exchange’s Closing Bell

  1. I really like the development of the roofscape drawing – it really comes to life as a territory that can be inhabited by the public – think about where you insert this in the portfolio so we first understand its role within the stock exchange and then see how it has a dual role as public space as well.
    For the server city drawing – it is coming along. I like the money transfer lines since it suggest dynamism but I think there needs to be more of a connection between whats happening within the servers and the bankers interacting with the cityscape – at the moment only one of them is interacting with the towers of the city – it should be more chaotic, and a site for heated debate, exchange etc. so that we see how their transactions shape the form of the city. The blue on the servers is interesting since its connects to their suits and brings the composition together – it might be too sharp at the moment so do a test of the more abstract version and see what you like best?
    The walkway section is interesting but as you suggest, it desperately needs some context to locate it so having the outline of the proposal in the background and maybe a key plan to show where the section was taken would be helpful to bring the drawing to life. Don’t forget to annotate, title and caption all your drawings but keep a watchful eye on any big chunks of text – draw it, or annotate it rather than writing too much about it.
    The blue graph paper looks nice – a lot better than the green and less dominating, or so it seems from the picture. The only way to know whether to use it or not is to test it with one of your graphs and see if you’re happy with it.
    The remaining list of drawings sound good so leave yourself time to execute them to the same standard of the roofscape and server room drawings – leave yourself a bit of time to order the portfolio properly to think of the story you are trying to tell and think about hierarchy in terms of what is more important and less important to the overall project idea. Contextualise the project at the beginning with your drawing of the different types of journeys within the portfolio and write a few lines about why this journey is important architecturally and in the context of the Chelsea Piers.
    We did initially think about tutorials or blogging on Tuesday but the general consensus this week was that it was too late for feedback and everyone would prefer to get on with it, which is true – you all know your project and clearly know what you need to do – so its just a matter now of getting it done in the week ahead. If you have questions that you really can’t answer yourself, ask someone else in the studio for a quick opinion or advice but I think you should all feel confident in what you have produced so far and now its really just a final push to get to the finish line. Good luck and can’t wait to see how this all comes together!

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