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All-new contents page, will add in page numbers when they’re pinned down. Found the previous version had become so outdated that it was placing emphasis on themes that are less important now so started over, hopefully this covers the important ingredients to the portfolio

Section Details

Planning on using these to supplement a more interesting (perspectival?) drawing.

Tall Taller Tallest

Added to this page with the building redrawn to a smaller scale.

Rhino render window print

Have the structure more or less pinned down and modelled in 3d so I can take my sections through the apartment, restaurant and sky lobbies from this. Was thinking where the sky lobbies are partially glazed to reduce wind loading on the building they might be populated by wind-beaten vegetation, all bent out of shape. This would be another drawing for ‘threshold’perhaps; so the reader is taken from the atrium to the sky lobby (to the elevator/grated entry to the apartment?)

Quickly exported the render above just now – will work this up to match the drawing I showed on Tuesday. I’ve put the work into the model so I want to show it for tech in an interesting manner. Thinking of adding in clouds below the cut line to show how high up the viewpoint is.

For the apartments, thinking maybe showing it as a plan perspective? With a couple of human-eye views of interesting parts? Sorry I don’t have more to show on that!

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  1. I really enjoyed navigating your contents, it makes one suitably intrigued to find what is next. It introduces us to a journey that I feel keen to follow and piece together.
    The Tall, Taller Tallest building is a nice taxonomy and shows good investigation and understanding. For some structural types you have listed which diagrams illustrate these types, but for others you have not. I would recommend cross referencing all the types to diagrams as far as you can so that it is clear that you have sought to understand these structures by drawing, rather than just through text.
    The section details are good and I like the plant moment, how it disturbs these otherwise pragmatic drawings with a moment of doubt or unease feels very appropriate to your project. It is right to be restrained with these small moments of disruption, but see if it is appropriate to bring them in anywhere else.
    I am not sure if you are referring to the section details or to Tall, Taller, Tallest as supplement to the perspectival drawing (maybe both). What would it show in addition?
    The wind beaten vegetation sounds like a great moment for ‘Threshold’ and to show the experience of getting out to the very edges of the building, and the easy slippage between the controlled and not-controlled, questioning if the hostility is encroaching on the building or if the building is a catalyst for it. Again, a nice moment of unease and uncanny (the relief of the plant life in your section returns as something familiar yet malign in the sky lobbies) which will add the last elements of encounter and experience to your project, which as we have said, is really about the experiential as after all, the uncanny is not a design strategy but something that exists in the psyche, provoked by encounter. Plan perspective for the apartments plus the human eye view will be a good chance to situate the viewer and contribute the experiential, situated viewpoint which is so nicely being introduced with the perspectives on the renders. I am glad to see this element finally coming in and will bring the project together very nicely.

    What did you decide to do about the acoustic funnels? On Tuesday they did not feel like they necessarily belonged to your project. They felt like an instillation which said more about frivolity than disruption. As we discussed, if they remain it may be a case of needing to explain them more.

    Really looking forward to seeing the completed project in its entirety.

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