72 hours of marathon

I visited city binder and booked a slot with them, so I have to finish everything including printing and give them my portfolio for binding on monday morning. It means I have aprrox 72 hours left. And one thing that I’m concerning is what if I have missing pages/ yet to finish up drawings in the portfolio. Since we need at least 1 a2/a1 print, I’m thinking about to wrap the book with print and hold it with a elastic band. And with extra drawings, I may print them in a2/a1 and carry them with a tube or making addition leaflet. I guess the extra drawings would be the 1:100 factory model photos. I am not sure how do I hand in with my portfolio, models and if I going to have a tube. I know Cris and Jaycee are having boxes to put everything as a whole submission. But mine, specially models are way too big to keep them all in a box. When I do my submission, I just put my models on table with a my portfolio and tube placed on top of them?

Photo May 06, 11 01 01

I am thinking how to submit my lightbox a well since its very fragile. Should I get a box to put into to hand in as there’s a opening shelf at the back to keep all the plugs and wires. And when I submit it, it needs to have my name, student numbers, studio number, my projects’s name, reference page to my portfolio(?). Can I put a remark it as fragile and please take good care of it?

on the way details: graphic yet to finish building details for tech

06Capture06Capture 2
06Capture 306Capture 4

update of section cut

06Capture 5

it is half way done however I feel it doesn’t getting the lightbox character and I am not sure what’s missing in it.

I tried to print on a thicker paper, the last paper was 100gsm, and I tried print on 160gsm. I’m more satisfied with this result, still can see a bit of dark from behind but it looks a lot better.

Photo May 06, 11 01 51 Photo May 06, 11 01 57

I need one more advice for the folded plans/3D as well. I brought it up and discussed with Jaycee before, since the plans are very long, I’m thinking to fold both 2 sides (left and right) from portfolio. should I use 100gsm for folding pages? or should it be the same paper with the portfolio? Also Im planning the portfolio is 297 square and the folding papers are a4 size so after they are completely folded, audience still able to see a part of plan/3d from the gap. should it be a4 size with a gap or 297 square that totally hiding the plan/3d from fold?

Photo May 06, 11 11 06 Photo May 06, 11 16 39

ps. thanks for the teaching through the year, my final year is full of unexpected and I gain a lot from it. In chinese we have a slang for teachers, “a good teacher is a tree that grows lots of fruit”. In this very last week, all of us are doing our best on the design that we’ve been working for months, the work means more than the best of we can do but also the hard work and everyhing you spent on us. And I would say the fruit you plant for long would be sweet. thank you 😀

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  1. Don’t use an elastic band! There are many other ways to do this, you can fold the drawing around as a kind of dust jacket like here (2nd image) http://studiohato.com/1/#hong-kong-design-institute-open-design-forum-book
    Or instead of an elastic band construct a thin, sturdy strip to wrap around like a belly band or obi like here (it can be narrower than this)
    Don’t use a tube. I stress – don’t use a tube. It will make your drawings all curly and drawings can be damaged being put back in.
    You could fold the drawings – very carefully paying attention to which part of the drawing is visible when folded (fold with the drawing facing out, and not so that there are blank faces when it is unfolded) and then these could be held together with the portfolio using the wrap around
    Be sure to include the loose drawings in your table of contents.

    So you would submit: the portfolio and folded drawings held together with the wrap around, the models appropriately labelled and packaged so that it is clear who they belong to and so that they do not get damaged. As you suggest for your light box, this is wise and do as you suggest. It would be a good idea to take one photograph of the portfolio, models and drawings all laid out on a table and include this at a good size so that we can understand all the material that we are meant to see.

    Be sure to show in the portfolio and drawings when the models should be looked at.

    The tech drawings look good! Be sure to annotate them, use small text.

    The section cut is looking good too but create more of a contrast between light and dark. Don’t make areas so dark that you loose detail. But for example, the bright white sufaces at the moment look like they could be bright white because light is shining directly onto them. Purest white should be reserved for where light is coming into the section as you have shown through the windows and sky light. Bring down the brightness of the pure white surfaces in relation.
    Paper looks good! For the plans thinner paper could be nice and help the portfolio to sit more neatly when closed. It is difficult to follow your folding question, do you have both versions in the images? But I would say fold in a way that allows the reader to see part of the drawing before it is unfolded, I don’t know if that answers the question?

    Thank you for the sweet comment! I had not heard that saying before and it is very nice. For us you are the trees, and we hope that you keep growing fruit! It has been a pleasure, looking forward to seeing all your work after the submission.

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