Core – no More!

Quick update! work in progress – stairs are developing! Lost the core, some walls remains!! Ill start creating views of it and from it! At the summit, I will develop further on the idea of the movable /mechanical elements that will frame the specific views of the city . ( Something along the lines of a stair on a turntable that rotate/ fold framing  a specific vantage point) becoming more like my initial models that fold and rotate!
Some images below of the main event – more like a labyrinth of stairs! The context is missing but these stairs are sandwiched  and structurally anchored between the two buildings….

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 06.48.17 Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 06.47.00

Well, lots to work on at the moment, just a quick update as a last post!

p.s It didn’t feel like our last tutorial this week! A fantastic journey in ‘present’ time, that has come to what it feels like an abrupt end! It came to fast upon us!


UPDATE : 4pm…..


I just managed to reach the summit! Bellow are some images… I dont think I can spend any more time designing it! its not 100%…. but at the summit you can see the 2 platform turn tables which will rotate with the manual gear system to specific views only!

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 16.04.41 Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 16.01.24

One thought on “Core – no More!

  1. Good to see the core has been shed! I like the comparison to a labyrinth; it really starts to feel like that now. The views that you are working on will be important to show what kind of journey these stairs create. It looks like it would be arduous – like many kinds of pilgrimages are. Is it confusing to ascend? This could be another kind of arduousness – like a mental/physical challenge.

    Will you have time to draw a tech detail for the moving element? As you suggest, look back to work already done and it can probably be informed by this and precedents that you looked at in semester 1. It will be great to see the stair in context. Will you indicate consideration of the materiality? This could perhaps be in the tech detail(s) if it does not fit with the continuity of the drawing style.

    I do have a question about the anchoring to the neighbouring buildings. Is this something you discussed with Colin and can you suggest how this would be done? Can the stair still exceed the heights of the neighbouring buildings? If the anchor buildings are demolished then this would challenge your stair (or force it to come down too I imagine). Use this dependant relationship of the stairs to the existing LES buildings to present some element of your project’s position on preservation and change. Then we know that it is a consideration that articulates your project, rather than an inconvenient anomaly!

    Indeed, the end has come around quickly! Well for you have another good few days to get everything looking complete and considered and to arrange the work so that it successfully articulates what is a great project. We can’t wait to see it all together. And this is not the end – we will celebrate at the exhibition!

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