Emotive Reality – Final Countdown

hello guyssss!!!! so its been an awesome year with you guys.. thanks to both of you for all the superb guidance and support despite my on and off performance through out the year. thanks for being the coolest tutors i’ve ever had..! thank you. 🙂

So, as we discussed on Tuesday, ive done a mock up for the final drawing. im still working on the 3d model; the top part of the platform and the access core to the platform and the longitudinal section.ive done two options for the final drawing, one with black/dark background and one with white. i prefer the dark one compared to the bright because i think it expresses the colours more. what do you guys think.? the image below is a progressing one. The final render will be based on the actual event and its design principles. both portfolio and drawings are progressing simultaneously.

thats it for now.. am gonna werk werk werk and hope for the best. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!


final drawing 2

final drawing 2-1

2 thoughts on “Emotive Reality – Final Countdown

  1. Thanks Bert! Its been great to see your change in attitude this semester and how much you have been pushing the project – keep going for the next week till you reach the finish line – there are still a lot of blank portfolio pages that need filling! I also prefer the dark background for the overview drawing – it makes the lights and colours stand out more so that their effects can be better seen.
    At the moment the platform appears to float so dont forget to show its supports/ how it is anchored to the surrounding buildings. Dont forget to show the data gathering in the cloud/ networks above that informs the performance of your structure – this image could be a great opportunity to clearly show how your system works. Good luck and looking forward to seeing how it all comes together in the portfolio.

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