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Hey guys, firstly, I’d like to say thanks for a great year, it was a thoroughly enjoyable one! So thanks for all the guidance and inspiration.

Secondly. I made some videos. They’re quite basic but with the other work to do I think I’m going to just keep them simple to just illustrate the principles. My premiere also seems to work slightly better when using stop motion so thanks for the tip!


Secondly, I now feel that this is much more a dynamic drawing. There are stil a few small tweaks to make to the artists studio but I can do that quite quickly. Also I’m aware theres a few too many columns in there. At the moment I’m reformatting my portfolio to suit the a3 screwpost binding, which is a pain because I laid out most of my drawings with 297x 297mm format but its not a huge issue. The research documents are going to remain the same size but the design document will be a3.

a1 final for ill v2 flat

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  1. Thanks Dale! And thank you for a great year as well – its been great to see you experiment with how to manifest theories on time as spatial realities, and for us its been very rewarding to see how the brief has taken on new life through the very different and diverse range of projects within the studio.
    As for the blogpost, I like the animations and its fine that they are simple but I think they need a bit more information in terms of their purpose and potential to be timeless objects. I dont think this will be a lot more work but it would be good to see how as they move, they cycle through time – this could be just annotated as the wall swings out or as the door revolves – so it immediately constructs a space-time relationship. The door one at the moment just looks like a revolving door, so that one might need more work to show how different doors can be attached and how that corresponds to the different time periods. Are you going to animate all the details or just these two? Make sure the detail animations are properly annotated within the portfolio so we know when to watch them in the context of looking through your portfolio – this should be clearly marked. Maybe give yourself a deadline to finish the animations so they don’t take too much time. Now that you have the base animation its just about adding a few more layers of information.
    The overall drawing is coming together – the inhabitation of the different scenes is a lot clearer but I don’t see as many of the details in action – can’t the wall detail that you show above be moving to separate the child’s scribbles on the wall from the artist’s mural, rather than just being pulled out to the side? And where do we see the door detail? It would be nice to see them all at play within the building, demonstrating how they work in situ, and annotated so we know where we can go within the portfolio to look at them in more detail.
    Did your screw-post binding stuff arrive? Hopefully reformatting doesn’t take too long – since you should spend the most time on the overview drawing/ conclusion drawing about how your building works within the city where multiple time periods, programmes, and inhabitation exist simultaneously. Through the titles and captions of that drawing, it could be a nice way to return to the original ambitions of the project and your theories of time to show how they are present in the building, drawing and portfolio. Looking forward to seeing it all come together – good luck for the final stretch!

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