Candy Floss Image – Quick Test

C:UsersMaggieDocumentsREVITManhattanmanhattan site 01-05-1

Finally got it to work… this is an extremely quick test to trial the candy floss colours and detail.  One of the facades has lost detail in the process but this could be overcome with a different facade.

The red columns and roller coaster track work well with this aesthetic, to introduce the bronze columns would be a bit flat and also would get lost in the colour palette. Equally to have the red columns on the previous No. 4 image would be jarring.

I will aim to work into the draft views using this form of Candy Floss colour and sketch detail.

The test print of the No 4  image which was posted on the blog (albeit blurry) came out very well but some areas of  scale and shadow need further work of course this will all happen in the final views!

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