Timeless Corpse

Based on the exquisite corpse exercise, I have chosen 2 collages to further explore Dungeness.

collage2            collage1

The themes that stood out to me in the collages are :

  1. Depository of architectural carcasses on an open landscape – Materiality
  2. People and their stories framed by architecture – People
  3. Mobile/Temporary vs. fixed/permanent dwelling – the definition of home/shelter and duration – Structure

sarah-wigglesworth-and-jeremy-till        venice-architecture-biennale-2016-british-pavilion-home-economics-designboom-11     walking-city

I was inspired by the Sarah Wigglesworth/Jeremy Till’s drawing of the occupation of a space and time. I also took ideas from the British Pavilion at the 2016 Venice Biennale – the effect of occupation time on the design of spaces in a dwelling. The idea of Archigram’s walking city resonates the theme of a mobile transient home.

Listening to the narratives of Doreen Thomas & reading the diaries of Derek Jarman (both Dungenessers) helps paint a visual idea of how they take ownership of space and their vision for Dungeness. Derek Jarman created a little piece of green haven on a barren landscape from the alien objects deposited on shore.

In my thought process, I created a collage to link the history of boat launchers to the depository of carcasses and to what I imagine could create a floating dwelling adaptable to time and use.



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