Infinite Possibilities

germs-collage-jpg        germs-collage-2-jpg

The first collage started from a horizontal view, and yet gradually shifted into a vertical view.

It suggest a possibility of the merging within 2 extreme different element, the vertical and the horizontal.

The second collage suggest a shift of perspective with the mere addition of the cloud element on both the top and bottom of the page.

It allows the collage to be transformed into a floating manner.

I’ve thus decided to explore on the possibilities on the shift of perspective in terms of the theme vertical and horizontal.

Verticality can be interpreted as the lighthouse that progress vertically upon the sky, as well as archaeological terms that progress vertically below. This in terms can be represented within the theme of seen and unseen where we see the verticality above ground, but not those underground.

Dungeness as a special area for conservation, where the archaeological field is done quite extensively. I’ve taken an interest within the magnetometry that exist within the layers of soil. As Dungeness has different soil composed of various centuries or even millenniums, therefore the magnetism under the soil would be different. Perhaps there is a possibility to look into the magnetism field in terms of the existing soil, as well as the after effects from the power station. Dungeness is composed of such a vast beach area covered mostly by gravel which is unsuitable for the growth of plants, yet such contrast is seen further down the nature reserve that houses almost a third of Britain’s plant species. The stark difference is intriguing.

In terms of horizontality, the horizon is pretty much what can be seen within Dungeness. However, the depth composition of the horizon is often changed within the picture composition with the addition of man-made items.


The drawing to the left is a sketch of the reflection of verticality within the horizon of Dungeness.

The lighthouse shows the seen and unseen element within.

The pit represents the infinite possibility below with the different soil elements in Dungeness as well as magnetic field.

Both elements are gradually develop from the nature that explains that everything stems from the nature.

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