Tree House

“Houses look as if they have sprouted naturally from beneath the stones” (pg.74)

Inspired by the text in Brian Dillon’s essay, I am looking into making a structure that can accommodate both  people and plants to make it a living tree house.

final  ferris-wheel

The negative space drawing from last week’s collage has the potential to be developed as the underground structure for the tree house, reflecting the root of a tree.

For the structure above the ground, I have the idea of creating a growing tree house that branches out into many little private spaces (for different occupants/plants), similar to the concept of a Ferris wheel.


The conceptual collage shows the idea of my imaginary tree house.

The underground structure acts as the factory/machinery that takes care of all the plants in the spinning Ferris wheel.

12 34 56

Dungeness has the largest area of vegetated shingle. The collages above show some common vegetation that can be found in Dungeness.

*Next week: To connect the artificial tree house with the existing landscape/vegetation, I will look more into the different species of plants on site and enhance the tree house idea.



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