Distorted Planes and Time

The scope of landscape – the careful view of examination – and the scape – the expansive scene – provide a duality that is employed by the architecture and experience by its occupants. -Smout Allen, Augmented Landscapes.

I am inspired by Allen’s ‘The Retreating Village’ – architecture the responds to its position, sited on a shifting and elevated horizon. After having studied the borders and territories of various elements in Dungeness, I thought that the architecture and the landscape of Dungeness are marked by a continuous repositioning and reconfiguration in response to a restless environment. Dungeness’ history and occupation are materialised in time. The concept of time and duration interest me – Could time fold up or stretch out in the changing hinterland, how could time change the perception of a space/place?

Smout Allen’s Retreating Village

Bringing forward the idea of folding planes and shifting viewpoints, here I draw the distortion, augmentation and twisting of space and time around multiple planes/fulcrum.

Folding Planes and Perspectives

Currently still exploring the concept of time and perception of space in relation to a shifting/restless landscape  and programme alongside the precedents from tutors.

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