Week 3- Casting Recesses



I have been thinking about the work of Rachel Whiteread and how she makes scultptures of voids or spaces to ‘mumify the air in the room’.

The next step for me is to begin modelling the small spaces that a bird might be able to get to and/ or nest in. These photos are examples of small spaces or crevices in my garden. I am going to begin by pushing clay into these spaces to get the positive space. I will them experiment with plaster casting to get the positive space and to begin modelling my own nests for birds.

img_2839_web img_2856_web


This is an example of a small crevice that I have pushed clay into.


With this experiment I covered the clay in clingfilm and hammered into a crevice in my garden wall to create the void within the clay. I am going to experiement more with this technique, finding small spaces in the garden and in the nearby park.

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