To Do in Dungeness

From Tuesday’s discussion, I will identify and collect data as well as the seeds of the native vegetation of Dungeness. I will be working along with Jia Wai since we will be working on similar research field. We will be referring to several texts and books, which one of them is “Coastal Vegetation” by VJ Chapman.


However, for identifying underground structures, we are not entirely sure of the technique we will be using since going down to the basement floors of both power stations A & B might be off limits. We did some research on methods of identifying underground structures; there was one – by using GPR device, or ground penetrating radar. However, cost is an issue since the equipment for hire is £250 per week and we will be there for only two days.


Hence, we plan to try alternative techniques to identify underground structures. One of them is using a frequency detector app downloaded into the phones to measure the frequency; although we are still trying to figure out and make calculations out of it. Another method we have in mind is by using smart guesses using observations from Dungeness as well as referring to the infographic drawing obtained earlier this week.

Infographic drawing of Dungeness Power Plant B. source:

Can anyone suggest other effective methods to identify underground structures?

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