Week 03: Temporal Architecture & Water

‘’Architecture is intimately involved with time. Standing amid time’s continual flow, architecture simultaneously experiences the receding past and the arriving future’’ (Ando, 1992, p. 110)

I’ve began to look into the concept of temporal architecture and the philosophies that are introduced into architectural design by Japanese architects. This includes research into light, floating, mobile architecture.

The use of water as a design tool in responding to such philosophies is deep routed and frequently occurring within Japanese architecture.

I felt it was important, therefore, to begin to try and understand the current long term and short term effects of water upon the materials on site to gain a better insight into the physical relationship of the sea with the surrounding material landscape and the role of water in defining the passing of time through the patina of its erosive nature.

I have set up a small experiment that uses four materials often seen on site: wood, concrete, shingle and tile. I have placed them in the water with the equivalent salt content found in the English Channel (1 litre water to 35g salt) and documented their state prior to be submerged. I will document throughout the project the effects of the salt water upon the materials, as well as documenting the current effect of the water on materials during the site visit.

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