Investigating the ruins

In order to identify each object and categorize it I started researching about the meaning of ruins and their importance in the modern world. From the book ” The rhetoric of ruins” written by D. Metaxas, ¬†there were a few explanations that stood out.

” The ruin with its wear, being elliptical, is restored to its perfection only in fantasy, thus it is more liberal.”

A ruin is a ” memento mori”

” Any ruin idealizes unwittingly an art form and with that function is involved in the anesthetization, not only of past times, but the present time too.”

” A ruin full with light, where everything looks bright, clear, with every detail can withhold a person in the present. Conversely within more an atmospheric context,where everything looks grey and cold, doubtful and inconspicuous the past reclaims the hypothetical complete. Particular importance is attributable to their shadow. The shadow romanticizes and weakens the real importance of the ruin.”

The next step is to categorize each object and highlight its story from the date it was created until its end  point. Further exploration from the linear timeline of the previous week.



For the trip I am trying to find a chronological dating technique.

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