Burrowing animals – Underground study


According to Owen (the warden of Dungeness), there are a couple of burrowing animals in Dungeness (such as rabbits) that would dig holes all around. The pictures above are some of the ground holes I captured on site.

I had the chance to speak to a man who owns a painting/souvenirs shop in Dungeness during the site visit. He mentioned that some of the common animals that would dig holes around are rabbits, foxes and rats. They will usually come out at night when there is no one around. One of the biggest concerns regarding the actions of these animals are the collapsing road surface when the animals dig too deep of their holes. Other problems that arise would be the disturbance caused to occupants and minor damage to the house structure.

To resume my underground study from last week, I will start looking at the underground of Dungeness from the perspective of burrowing animals.


I am currently studying the formation of burrow referring to this book “Burrowing animals and archaeology”.


The interesting section I found above shows the structure of a typical rabbit warren. The structure is variable according to soil/subsoil characteristics but may have 5-250m of tunnels. I will study the soil condition of Dungeness and do an imaginative section drawing of a possible underground tunnel in Dungeness.

For next Tuesday:
– Discover more possibilities of underground structure from extending animals burrow.
– Enhance the “tree house” concept. The burrow structure underneath ground can represent the root of  a tree.

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