Negative Positive Dungeness

Here are some of my pinhole camera prints of Dungeness.

Technique : Analogue cardboard/tin pinhole cameras with photographic paper, printed in darkroom. The negatives are inverted using Photoshop.

Captured in black and white are the distorted frames/planes, fleeting time and exposure, and haunting anomalies that are often erased from digital photography. The unseen and invisible.

Postcard of Dungeness Power station
Multi-hole pinhole photo of D Power station
Single-hole pinhole photo of D power station
Single-hole pinhole photo of shack
Multi-hole pinhole photo of shack


Here are some of my pinhole semi-digital camera pictures.

Technique : Pinhole cover attached to my dslr, using long exposure times (shutter speed).

Captured in color are desaturated portraits of the Dungeness landscape, occupation and time. The blurry pictures evoke a nostalgia of the present.



Here are some of my fully digital camera pictures.

Technique : 18-135mm lens on dslr camera, using multiple exposure times(shutter speed) and focal lengths.

Captured in saturated colors are the frozen moments of the present, territories marked by clear shadows, the depth of space – literally what’s seen by the human eye.


Homes and boundaries


Current work in progress :

  1. Documenting the elaborate process of making, capturing and printing my pinhole photographs  – exploded sequential axo drawing
  2. Documenting the footprints of debris collected and georeferencing them on the map (eg : corrugated metal from the shipping containers, shellfish carcasses from the beach)
  3. Documenting the footprints of houses (carriages and fishing houses) — need map of houses from Owen the warden
  4. Documenting my technology analysis of Jean Prouve’s architecture from the exhibition and Shin Egashira’s moving house to better understand the mobile components  – axo drawing

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