//Multiple Scale Shingle Analysis

//As part of my investigations into shingle moment, distribution, and layout, I have summarised my investigations conducted on site.



Through the trip I was collecting and cataloguing shingle across Dungness, initially call the “survaying the powers of 10” (http://ds7.osa.digital/index.php/2016/10/09/surveying-the-powers-of-10/) however land restrictions meant I was re directed, but ultimately maintained the premise.

The resultant collection of samples were analysed at a micro and macro scale, placed in the landscape, and assessed against each-other.

There is significant variation in the distribution of shingle deposits thought the site, although similarity in texture, shape and composition can be seen randomly across the site.






In doing the leg work for the survey I took scalable images at locations across Dungeness (indicated above) from which to identify variation in size and colour. The resulting swatch illustrates a huge variety of shingle deposits, although many similar deposits are represented at multiple points across the site.





Shingle was also scanned to help assess variation in size and relationship although this was more of a test of principle rather than a thorough investigation.


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