Through the Eyes of an Animal


Whilst researching some ideas for the visual quality of my portfolio- I came across this…

‘Wearing large, moss-faced black headsets, users journey through an abstracted LIDAR-scanned woodland and soar above the forest canopy—captured using 360° aerial drone cameras—while coming into contact with various creatures. Some of these were captured by a photogrammetry rig, some CT-scanned in ultra hi-def by the Natural History Museum.

These scans and aerial footage allowed MLF to interpret the world of the animals, digitally imagining the perspectives and microcosms these animals exist in, embellished through VR and the laser-scanned impressionistic aesthetic of LIDAR technology. Users also experience binaural sound through a headset to help submerge them in this simulated world, and there’s also a Sub Pac device so the audio can be felt as well as heard.’


I would like to begin formatting my portfolio with the main idea that everything should be drawn/ read as if seen through the eyes/ from the perspective of a bird. This will be for the basis of my main research method.

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