//Shifting Sands Below Our Feet

My work since Tuesday has focused on further research of the depositing and erosion of the coast line from natural and human perspectives.

Much of the research into the composition of Dungeness focuses on a series of great storm events rather than steady build up of material. The characteristic dune lines which can been seen from aerial photographs are closer to scars of the the landscape rather than concentric rings on a tree.

//A violent history

Massive storm events shaped the coast over in the past 1000-500 years, further to this I have speculated on the future deposition and the erosion of the south coast.






//Firing Range

Much of the deposited material comes from our coastline. Much of our shingle, pebble and aggregate is “farmed” in the English Channel outside our 12 mile territorial sea. Mapping from the European Environment Agency and off source licencing from the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change suggest that the UK Continental shelf is the true territorial boundary which in fact extends our mainland dominance towards Europe and into the Atlantic.


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