Storyboard Version 2: Work in Progress

I have redrawn my original storyboard to define the visual information that I would like to set out on each page and how this information might be presented.

I am now going to play around with the portfolio layout, using Derek Jarman’s sketchbooks as a template.


One thought on “Storyboard Version 2: Work in Progress

  1. This is great development of the storyboard based on the comments from tutorials. I would also add in new work and where you would like your project to be by the end of the semester. Think about how you would start to build voids for the Black Redstart as a proactive way to encourage them to settle in different places across the site. What else would you need to make them feel at home? How would the bird start to perceive the site as a series of voids? How can you start to combine your scanning technique with the casting experiments to construct a new hybrid language to communicate this architecture of voids? In the same way, what’s the equivalent of understanding Derek Jarman, why did he choose to settle in Dungeness and are there places with similar qualities across the site where he might have settled instead? It might be interesting to look at projects that merge human and animal sensibilities like these prosthetic/ masks by artist Ana Rajcevic: – Looking forward to seeing some of these pages, and the updated storyboard on Tuesday!

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