Lewis_CrossCrit Progress


Firstly this is the note page from the sketchbook with the note I took in the folded out section. Throughout the tutorial it was clear that I needed an architectural outcome [intervention], scenatrio or proposition.


The key conclusions to be drawn from the tutrial were:

  1. There needs to be an architectural outcome (this is not simply a research phase) “what might the progect be?”.
  2. There needs to be a technology ‘challange’ which informs the design decision. These can be: What is the perfect joint? What are the best combinations of materials? What is the perfect material moment? Is there a joint or material scenario that can only exist in Dungeness?
  3. An drawing between the material mapping exercise and the hypothisis graph needs to take place to help describe the thought process.

From the notes that were taken I explored my thought prosses which is on the following page [see above].


Future Work

I am now looking at creating a scenario which is most interesting to me to progress with. From the thought map I have decided to persuse creating a vessel [an undefined intervention of sorts] which is built using the practices explored in the material investigations.

The way this manifests in practice (and the way that the story will be made in the cross crit) is: What makes Dungeness unique? = Material Environment. How can the Material Environment be categorised? = Man Made vs Nature & the ambiuous in-betweens. How should this be manifested architecturally? = An intervention which demonstrates the imperminance/ flux of the material landscape. This means over time as well as energy from Nature>Manmade>Nature.

Currently I am not sure of what the intervention will be i.e for cateloguing objects but I’m not sure that it needs to be defined that much quite yet. My current thoughts are  for temporary habitation before it changes its material state and becomes one of the ambiuous in-betweens, but this is the conclusion I am leaning towards and which I will use to inform my working timetable.

Bellow is the storyboard which I am leaning towards which will be ammended with the influences from tutorials. The Arrows indicate where additional drawing material is needed to better explain the thought process and technological exploration.


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