Song’s plan for next week till 6th December

Points to cover in this post :

  1. the work you brought to tutorials
  2. the feedback you received
  3. and most importantly, your plan for what you will be working on in the week ahead


Work shown: Translyvania booklet – sketches of journey, ethnographic corpse and banffy castle ghosts

Feedback/To do : Refine drawings, rethink importance/necessity of sketches of journey, rethink booklet title


Work : Presentation/Process pages for Dungeness design project

Feedback/ To do :

– Rethink 5-skins diagram in the observer’s and occupant’s point of perspective, ¬†(exploratory/experiential), Try inverting position of 5 elements (site being the impermanent —— furniture being the permanent/longest lasting)

– Refine variety of lineweights and hatch for the boundary/Territory map, Impirical vs. Sketch, A higher level of finesse

– Convert earliest fold out drawing of house into an animation (gif) to show on screen

– Repackage the strategy of transient/permanent home in a language that can be understood by self-builders (non-architects) – Building for dummies

– Format of manual/instruction kit accessible by everyone, bespoke manual that can be customised (through fold-out or sliding technique) by self-builders

– Create 3d physical model to engage with audience – a kit of building elements that allow audience to build according to bespoke manual

– Incorporate thought process and principles of pinhole photography into representation/drawing style, Overexposed photographs (large aperture) = light/finer lineweight drawings, underexposed photographs (small aperture) = dark/heavier lineweight drawing////// longer focal length = higher magnification and narrower angle of view = magnified/large scale drawings , shorter focal length = larger angle of view = small scale drawings

– Materials for self-assembly to be easily available, standardised, minimal. Frame structures are more readily procured than SIPs (heavily reliant on industrial fabrication), Study how components aggregate, fit together

– Volume of space needed for one hour, one day, one month, etc….

– other possible modular shapes besides square – triangulation, hexagon

– Folding in vs. Folding out, folding out to added more spaces, folding in to refine space/subdivide a space

Final outcome = Fold out manual (strategy, typology, economics, planning, construction sequence, price, duration, lifespan) to sell to visitors of Dungeness Рto empower them to customize their home in D. + Physical models showing key construction details/joints

Will look at SQM quantified house book tomorrow and dive into Segal’s building / land procurement procedures and refine the fold out/in technique

To do material lifespan testing

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