Tutorial Feedback 16th November

storyboard_version03 storyboard_version03 storyboard_version03Feedback:

  • This week it is essential that I make a push for drawings that convery my ideas
  • Go a step further to create a complete paralell between Derek Jarman and the redstart
  • Think about what type of void project this is going to be
  • Go back over previous conversations to make sure that all feedback is noted and actioned┬áThink about how I might draw how the bird sees (e.g. highlighting the voids)
  • Make diagrams which summaries what I know about how the bird sees differently vs. how Derek Jarman sees differently e.g. film making- these methods combined might develop a new way to see the landscape of Dungeness
  • Quick analytical sketches to convey research
  • Birds sees void as opportunity- but is there a limit to the void. How much material can be lost before the void collapses? Drawing to show the nature of decay.
  • Think about Derek Jarman’s house- it is preserved and will never decay. Whereas the garden is always evolving and it difficult to preserve. What if it were the other way round? How would the house decay and at what speed?
  • As Derek Jarman’s house decays it becomes more visible to the bird, as more voids appear. How will the redstart nest within the voids of the house as it starts to disintegrate?
  • The key idea is concerned with the perception of Derek Jarman and the perception of the bird of the landscape- how can this be conveyed through drawing?
  • Look at Rachel Whiteread style collages and paintings on how she represents the void.
  • Side precedent- Swift Houses
  • Research the works of Gordon Matta Clark

To do this week:

  • Begin drawing 1: Derek Jarman’s house as it decays. BIG drawing howing an understanding of the decay of materials and at what rate each part of the house might decay. The drawing might show how the house becomes more visible to the bird as it decays and more and more voids are revealed as suitable nesting places.
  • This will be a technology drawing based on the analysis of structrues. Go to manufacturers website. Draw to understand: raft foundations, sleepers, timber frame, rust, joint failure, substructure failure, roof collapse.
  • Begin drawing 2: Exploded drawing of a Redstart nest, technical drawing. What shape is the nest in relation to the void it sits in. 1:1 scale?
  • Print drawings and work to date for the cross crit tutorial. Make sure work is clear and cohesive- simple to understand.

To do by the 6th December:

  • Complete drawing 1 and drawing 2
  • Combine drawing 1 and drawing 2 by completing a series of clay and plaster models of the voids created in drawing 1 and then draw/collage the restart’s nest into these drawings.
  • Have a strong portfolio layout underway in the style of Jarman’s Sketchbooks

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